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The purpose of these video clips is to show the difference between the conventional spark plugs vs. our Torque Master Spark Plugs.

Torque Master spark plugs are the only spark plugs that utilize a patented ultra-wide gap with 360 degrees of fire power supported by our exclusive "Field Effect" design. The "Field Effect" principle helps propagate the spark across an unprecedented .120" to .140" gap. Additionally, our plugs operate using the same voltage as would be required from conventional spark plugs gapped at.045" to .060".

Torque Master spark plugs were specifically designed to run better and to produce more power and more miles per gallon. Extreme longevity was a gift -- created by design. We knew they would last longer, but they are beating our projection by a very large percentage -- without degrading the performance. In fact, these plugs keep improving with age, 100,000 miles is a breeze. A Ford V8 with over 243,000 miles still passed California smog!

Torque Master spark plugs will outlast all other spark plugs, even the best platinum design. The reason is because of our patented stainless steel tip design which requires no gap setting whatsoever and the ceramic insulator itself is used as a spark path -- this is called 'surface conductance'. This surface conductance prevents formation of any fouling substance to accumulate on the ceramic insulator. This patented feature permits the spark plug to operate at top efficiency throughout its life -- which have proven to be as much as 11 years and 243,000 miles without service or maintenance of any kind (Sandy Howard and his Ford station wagon)..